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corporate structure

Business Portfolio


To be the industry leader globally


To pursue excellence with passion

To build a long lasting relationship with customers

To build a strong and highly experienced team

To engage in new product development and offer innovative customised solutions to better serve our customers

To cater to new industries by investing in New Business Verticals

To expand our network to provide a quick and efficient local support

To build partnerships worldwide by forming and nurturing relationships with distributors.


Inside Rotex

Performance Periscope

Rotex has more than 6000 clients spread worldwide and holds a sizeable share of the Indian market. Rotex has clocked a steady compounded annual growth of 30 percent since the nineties through a combined strategy of optimum technology introduction, integrated and streamlined operations, meticulous process planning, short response time and timely delivery. With a highly cost-effective price structure, Rotex has built its entire production philosophy around customer needs and market trends and ensured a healthy demand for all its products in a diverse range of industries and applications.


Rotex has seen a steady growth induced by a strong culture based on its corporate values of trust, continuity, innovation, service, relationship and success.

Trust – Adversities cannot falter us; which is evident by our presence and service even in the worst times of economic slowdown.

Continuity – We do not overlook and neglect our older products. They do not become obsolete. Once a product line in installed, we consider it our responsibility to stock its spares, provide alternatives if required and service it throughout.

Innovation – A dedicated and highly skilled in-house design team at Rotex comprehends the individual customers’ requirements in order to deliver effective and innovative solutions.

Service – Rotex offers a world-class service at every step through its wide network of sales agents and distributors.

Relationship – Our conviction in maintaining long-term relationships has a major contribution to our position in the industry today. Reassurance and inspiration from our customers even during unfavorable times has supported us in battling all our hurdles in our four-decade journey. Rotex also maintains healthy relations with its suppliers enabling it to procure good quality materials in a short time frame.

Success – Rotex believes in creating competitive advantage for its stakeholders through unmatched technology and product quality. We feel a sense of achievement in our customer’s success, which is what we take pride in.

Sales & Marketing

Implementing a Think Global, Act Local Approach!!!

It is the philosophy of Rotex to build long-term relationships with its agents and distributors. Most of the agents and distributors have been associated with Rotex for decades and some of them for more than a quarter century.

With over 20 offices in India, US and Netherlands, more than 80 distributors across the globe and representations in over 30 countries, Rotex presents a finely networked sales and service team to help provide quick and efficient support wherever needed. A competent and dedicated team of sales advisors assist customers with customized designs of products, subsequent quotes and follow up on requirements while ensuring timely delivery.

In order to maintain consistency in quality and service, Rotex undertakes regular training for all its partners.

After Sales Support

Process continuity, learning and improvement are built-in the manufacturing processes. These are indispensable and Rotex has imbibed them in its after sales strategy since its inception to foster sustainability. Thus, after sales support provided by Rotex is strong, prompt and trustworthy.

Clients represent a wide spectrum of industries including
Consumer Product
Fire Protection
Food and Beverages
Oil and Gas Upstream
Oil and Gas Midstream
Oil and Gas Downstream
Paper and Pulp
Power Hydro
Power- Thermal
Power Nuclear
Water Treatment
And many more

Sales & Marketing

Relationship: Our conviction in long term relationship has a major contribution to our position in the industry today. Reassurance and inspiration from our customers even during unfavorable times has supported us battling all the hurdles in our four-decade journey.