Oil and Gas

Rotex products have a robust design and are manufactured with utmost precision to ensure safe and reliable functioning. Rotex range includes Floating and Trunnion Ball Valve, Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, Rack and Pinion Actuator, Scotch Yoke Actuator, Limit Switch (SIL approved), Actuator with Fire Safe Jackets, Electro Hydraulic system and solenoid valve. Rotex also offers complete valve automation systems with Rotex valves and accessories.


Food And Beverages

Rotex offers a wide and advanced range of portfolio for the food and beverage industry. Rotex offers innovative solutions in solenoid valves, valve manifolds and pneumatic actuators and cylinders. Rotex also offers Zero Retention Tri-Clover Ball Valves, Zero Dead Tri Clover Ball Valve, Fire Safe Flush Bottom Valves and complete valve automation solutions.



In pharmaceutical plants, hygiene and efficiency play a key in the processes. Rotex offers Zero Retention Tri Clover Ball Valves, Zero Dead Tri Clover Ball Valve, Fire Safe Flush Bottom Valves and complete valve automation solutions that are cost effective and reliable.



Rotex has successfully designed and manufactured many solutions in Solenoid Valves for the automotive segment for various applications like DPF regeneration systems, Exhaust brakes, Fuel shut off, Transmission system, Tipping applications, HVAC, Differential locking and many more. Rotex also manufactures ARAI certified pneumatic and electric bus door systems like Inswing, Outswing, Jack Knife and etc. using aluminium extrusions.


Water and Waste Water

With the acquisition of Magwen Valves in Germany Rotex has added a complete set of valve solutions for Waste water plants, which include, Double and triple Offset Butterfly Valve, Full Bore Butterfly Valve, Triball, Single Chamber, Double effect air valves, large diameter gate valves and non slam nozzle check valves. All the valves comprise of a special coating for sewer application and to prevent chlorine wear and are designed to perform for 30 years.


Transmission and Distribution Pipeline

Magwen offers piggable butterfly valve, triple offset butterfly valve, plunger type flow control valve, non slam nozzle check valve, top entry ball valve, full bore butterfly valve and air release valve for shut-off functions. Rotex portfolio for pipelines also include gas over oil systems and direct gas operated actuators.



Chemical plants have a corrosive and aggressive environment. Such plants need products that are not only reliable but also capable to withstand such abuse. Rotex offers valves made from materials like Hastalloy, Monel, Ceramic seat for corrosive slurry and complete valve automation systems in SS. Rotex also manufactures specially customized solenoid valves for efficient working in sticky environmental conditions. All Rotex products are SIL 3 certified.



Consistent performance and efficient operations are vital for cement plants. Rotex offers specially designed pneumatic cylinder like dual stroke cylinder, pulse jet valves with Hytrel diaphragm for high cyclic demand and complete valve automation systems with Rotex valves and accessories.



Rotex has designed rugged valves, able to withstand temperatures up to 1800 °C to meet the challenging environment of steel plants. Rotex portfolio includes electrohydraulic actuators with 0.1% positioning accuracy, frictionless pneumatic cylinders, pulse jet valves, solenoid valves, butterfly valves and complete valve automation solutions.



Fertilizer industry requires the toughest and the most technologically advanced products as wear and corrosion is high. Rotex manufactures products using a combination of alloys and elastomers that can handle severe wear and corrosion. Rotex offers water resistant solenoid valves, metal-seated valves and complete valve automation system comprising of scotch yoke actuator and limit switch.


Thermal Power

Thermal power plants require products that can sustain high levels of corrosion, extreme temperature and pressures. Rotex portfolio includes highly engineered products like pneumatic and power cylinders with unique 16 step programming positioner and rugged poppet solenoid valves to name a few.


Nuclear Power

As safety is the utmost criteria in Nuclear power plants, Rotex products are designed to work even under extraordinary conditions, high temperatures and radiation protected environment. Rotex manufactures solenoid valves with special epoxy potting for withstanding GAMMA radiation and high quality and reliable safety relief valve.



Rotex offers specially designed solenoid valves that can efficiently perform under dusty and harsh environments and a voltage variation of 40%. Rotex also offers high performance pneumatic wiper assembly for high-speed locomotives.



The pulp and paper industry have various complex applications where safety and performance are vital. Rotex offers fully automated valves like – segmented ball valve (v-notch), zero cavity segmented ball valve, metal seated eccentric butterfly valve, metal seated segmented ball valve, floating and trunnion mounted ball valve, soft seated butterfly valve, three way diverter or mixing valve, three way shut-off valves, 3- way control valve, 4 way ball valve and etc. Rotex manufactures fully customized valve automation systems with proven reliability.


Steam Turbine

Turbine is a critical equipment in a power plant and solenoid valves plays a vital role in its functioning. Rotex offers high pressure low pressure bypass valves for safe shutdown and specially designed solenoid valves to sustain voltage and thermal shocks.