Auto Drain Solenoid Valve With Timer

Does your compressed air equipment face loss of compressed air when there is no condensate to be drained?

Moisture condensation is a common problem in all the compressor ,and if the moisture is not drained on time, it can cause the following problems:

  • Reduce the capacity for the air tank
  • Corrosion into the air tank
  • Reduces the life of the air
  • Add a high level of moisture in the air causing excess load on the air dryer

How Manual Removal of Moisture Can Damage Air Compressor?

Most of air compressor manufacturer uses a manual valve to drain the moisture from the tank. In the manual process, drainage performed by manually removing the water at the tank by humans every day

The drawback with manual interference is dependent on the skills of a human. If there are any lapses in the drainage of moisture, it can cause excess load on the air dryer resulting in damage to the attached equipment.

Thus, it is important to drain the concentrated moisture at the correct interval

To avoid manual interference, the drainage of the moisture can be automated using a valve with Timer.

How Auto Drain Solenoid Valve With Timer Works:

Auto Drain Solenoid valve with timer comes with Solenoid valve attached with Auto drain along with the timer. The desired ON time and OFF time can be set on the timer. The solenoid valve will remain ON for the set time and will remain closed for the set time.

For example, you can set the Solenoid valve to remain ON for 5 s. After every 24 hrs, the SOV will remain ON for 5s and will remain shut for the rest of the time

Thus with an Auto drain solenoid valve with a timer, you will be removing the moisture collected at the bottom of the tank at the right level

Thus protecting your compressed air tank, also reducing the load, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the air dryer. In turn, protecting the equipment connected to the air dryer. 

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Application of Auto Drain Solenoid Valve With Timer

The Auto Drain Solenoid valve can be used for Air compressor Filters, moisture separators, air dryers, Off-road vehicles, Locomotives, Pipelines, Air receivers, Drain Salient Features of Auto Drain Valve for Air Compressor

Salient Features of Auto Drain Valve for Air Compressor

  • Lower Air Loss resulting than Manual control
  • Noise Free 
  • Works with all types of condensate like water, water plus oil, water plus oil plus dust
  • Power 8 Watts
  • Material Stainless Steel, Brass, Hard Anodized Aluminium
  • Unique and highly reliable capacitance type of sensor detects the rise as the condensate start collecting in the drain valve 
  • ON Time 1.5 sec to 30 sec
  • Test switch to allow function test at any time

Timer Specification

  • Input voltage 24V to 240V AC/ DC
  • Power 8 Watts
  • ON time: 1.5 sec to 30 sec
  • OFF time: 0.5 min to 45 min
  • Protection: IP65 Square DIN plug can be fitted at 90 degrees at any of the three cable entry position

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