12v Solenoid Valve

Rotex Automation is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Solenoid valves. We have satisfied customers all over the world. Rotex offers a wide range of 12v solenoid valves for varieties of applications. These valves can be classified as 12v water solenoid valves, air solenoid valves 12v, 12v gas solenoid valves, 2-way solenoid valves 12v, 3- way solenoid valves 12v, 5-way solenoid valves 12v.

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Similar to ordinary valves, 12-volt solenoid valves regulate the flow of liquids or gases through tubes, but unlike regular valves, 12-volt solenoid valves are easily controlled by remote devices that activate the solenoid coil. When running potentially dangerous machinery or inaccessible lines, 12-volt solenoid valves offer the benefit of being able to be operated remotely. 12-volt solenoid valves can be made from metallic elements and alloys. The 12v refers to the amount of voltage supplied by the direct current (DC) power source

Unlike the other higher voltage solenoid valves 24v DC, 230v DC, and 410v DC. 12v solenoid valves can be operated through batteries or even a source of power and this makes them more versatile in application, anyone can operate the solenoid valves remotely without cables with the help of batteries and wireless communication.

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