Solenoid Valve for Oxygen Concentrator

Find an alternative to low-quality Oxygen concentrator Solenoid valve

Salient Feature for Solenoid valve For Oxygen Concentrator

  • Bubble tight shut off
  • Life > 30 million Cycle
  • High cyclic capability up to 500 Cycles/ min
  • Valve can be operated with Dry Air, Lubricated Air not required
  • Grease and Oil-free to make suitable for Oxygen Media

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Technical Specification of Solenoid Valve for Concentrator

Type 4/3 Internal pilot operated solenoid Normally close valve
Model 3817
Media Air
Body Material Aluminum
Seal NBR {Suitable for (-25) °C to (+75) °C}
Working Pressure 0.5 to 6 bar
Orifice 6mm
Flow factor (kv) XX LPM
Port connection ¼” BSP(F)
Solenoid Voltage Option 1: 12V DC, 2W
Option 2: 24V DC, 2W
Solenoid type Flying lead 200mm Long
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +60°C

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Advantage of Rotex Solenoid Valve for Oxygen Concentrator

  • Hard ionized body giving almost 2x life compared to non-ionized or silver ionized body
  • Designed with metallic construction over diaphragm giving 4.5x life thus increasing the warranty of concentrator
  • No Grease design thus providing safety to the instrument
  • Quick delivery is available. On stock min MOQ -100

Application for Solenoid Valve Concentrator

To supply Air/ Oxygen to Oxygen absorber unit in Oxygen Concentrator.

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