Rotex Group - Disperse Rumours

 04 Nov, 2020

Dear Customers & Partners,

We are pleased to inform you that the Rotex group gained market share in 2020 by outperforming our competitors and we are now forecasting to grow a further 47% in 2021. Even during the current pandemic, while many companies were laying-off or furloughing their staff; we did not lay off any of our employees rather we have been hiring to fuel our future growth aspirations. As to our international growth plan, over the last two years, we have grown our footprint across the globe by successfully starting our own offices, complete with warehousing and stocking facilities, in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. We all set to open office in North America in current fiscal year, subject to ease of restriction due to current pandemic.


It has been brought to our knowledge that a rumour, to discredit Rotex group, is being spread by our competitors and their distribution partners that Rotex Group of companies would further disinvest to sell-off completely. All such rumours are categorically incorrect and are a mere attempt to defame the very successful Rotex group.


Furthermore, to disrepute the Rotex group, our competitors have been proclaiming that our revenues had dropped in the first half of the year and that we would soon be acquired by a larger Multi National Corporation and therefore, our customers should start registration process with other suppliers. The intention of our competitors is to take the place of Rotex in our customer’s supplier database.


The group did divest part of the business in 2018 and that move has helped us to achieve our planned results in business parameters like growth in revenues, profitability, positive cash flow, improved EPS,  and allowed us to develop some fantastic new products in line with the direction of the industry to absolutely delight our loyal customers.


At this point Rotex management team would like to assure you that we will continue to grow and will support our customers to the fullest.


Thanks to your efforts, we will continue to stay steady during this pandemic and look forward to growing together. Pls feel free to reach out to our corporate communication team on in case you come across any such rumour about us


Stay Safe , Stay Healthy




Corporate Communication Team


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