Central Tyre Inflation System

For any vehicle that is operating for critical mission, retaining the continual mobility in adverse operating conditions is the most important attribute.

Keeping in mind to positively impact the mobility, safety and efficiency of vehicle and its users Rotex has developed Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS).

CTIS provides ‘on-demand’ control over the air pressure in tyres. During adverse operating conditions like in deserts, snow and muddy/wet terrains, off-road operations and varying load conditions it is important the tyres provide tractions to keep vehicle moving. Central Tyre Inflation System has capability to adjust the pressure inside the tyre and attain optimum tyre foot-print that helps gaining the traction required for continual mobility.

Applications :

  • All terrain vehicles(ATV’s) & recreational vehicles
  • Mining & construction Trucks
  • Off Road mobility Vehicles

Rotex Centralized Tyre Inflation System (RTIS), has won the sub-category award in “Automobile Accessory Design” under Mobility Design in the 12th CII Design Excellence Awards 2022.

  • Retains high mobility through changing terrains: Snow, Mud, Sand, off-roads and highways.
  • Ease up the maneuvering vehicle through different kind of terrain.
  • Ensures safety by detection of punctures and compensating inflation on the move.
  • Adjusts inflation pressure in tyre according to the load in the vehicle.
  • Ensures optimum footprint area of tyres and helps gain traction.
  • Reduces chances of the tyre damages due to improper inflation pressure required for each kind of terrain.
  • Live Inflation pressure status monitoring for individual tyres.
  • Add to the life of the tyre and improvise the fuel efficiency
  • On demand inflation / deflation at exceptional fast rates.
  • Helps maintain high uptime of vehicle
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