Electro Hydraulic Actuator

With the combination of modern electronics and power of hydraulics, ROTEX EHF series is super efficient in providing precise control for high cyclic demand or ESD application. EHF series actuators are suitable for use in Safety Integrated System (SIS). It has functional safety capability including and upto SIL 2 & SIL 3 to IEC 61508:2010.

ROTEX EHF series is a self contained electrohydraulic actuator suitable for linear and rotary applications. It can be customised to suit a given application. EHF series of actuator has an integral electronic control module which drives the electrical motor, pump and solenoid for operations. The logical module is responsible for diagnostics, alarms, fault messages and communication.

  • Linear ESD speed <1 sec for 50 mm travel
  • Rotary ESD speed < 1 sec
  • Rotary system has built in transmitter
  • Records events up to 30 years
  • +/- 0.1 % or better accuracy and repeatability using unique adaptive PID controls
  • <0.05 % accuracy using Proportional or Servo valves
  • Redundant pumps and servo valve systems available
  • Linear positioning speed up to 0.2 sec per 25 mm
  • Rotary positioning speed up to 0.8 sec per 90 °
  • 24 VDC generated through solar panel
  • Solar panel suitable for safe area or for “Ex” classification area
  • Unique power pack running on 24 VDC.
  • Power module with battery charge having backup up to 3 strokes and 8 days working without sunlight
  • Ranging from 10,000 Nm to 197,500 Nm

Modular design, can accommodate modulating and Fail safe option

Self contained, only requires electrical power.

Fail-safe close, open or fail freeze.

ESD option – Logical or hard wired

Partial stroke test capability

4-20 mA or 0 -10 VDC input signal optional

Full featured LCD display for installation, commissioning and operation

SIL 2 & SIL 3 capable to IEC 61508:2010

Available torque range from 25 to 6,00,000 Nm for rotary and 1.2 to 8000 kN force for linear actuator

Water tight up to and including IP65,optional IP68 (10m / 96h)

EXD explosion proof enclosure

Extended diagnostics and functionality over various communication networks

Supported communication network includes Modbus ® , Profibus ® , Foundation Fieldbus ® and HART ®

Data logging and event record capabilities

Optional operating temperature -50 °C to +70 °C

Integrated hydraulic system

TORQUE RANGE Torque 25 to 6,00,000 Nm for rotary and 1.2 to 8000 kN
force for
linear actuator
ENCLOSURE PROTECTION Construction Casting: Cast Aluminium
Actuator: Refer DRS Series Actuator Catalouge
Ingress Protection IP68 10m / 96h
Controls location As standard, the controls are integral to the actuator
On option, the Controller can be mounted in a separated box
(maximum distance between actuator and controls = 50m)
Explosion proof ATEX ATEX Directive 94/9/EC – CENELEC EN 60079-0, EN60079-1,EN13463
As standard: Ex d II B T4 (option T5 or T6) and Ex tb IIIC T135°C (option T100°C, T85°C)
On request: Ex d II C T4 (option T5 or T6)
Explosion proof IEC Ex IEC Ex – standard IEC 60079-0, IEC60079-1, EN13463
As standard: Ex d II B T4 (option T5 or T6) and Ex tb IIIC
T135°C (option T100°C, T85°C)
On request: Ex d II C T4 (option T5 or T6)
Ambient temperature operating range IIB standard: -20 … +70°C
IIB low temperature option: -60 … +70°C
IIC option: -20 … +70°C
External corrosion protection Standard paint system: polyuréthane paint RAL3020
complying with ISO 12944 (C5)
Optional special anti-corrosion protection for marine,
aggressive or abrasive atmospheres
All cover fasteners captive and stainless
Double sealing Protection The control section of the actuator is totally isolated from the terminal compartment to protect electronic components
MOTOR Motor technology Single & three-phase TENV type, totally enclosed non
ventilated squirrel cage motors, Class F insulated with
Integral thermal overload protection
Class F insulated, DC motor with Integral thermal overload
Easy to remove with sealed ball bearings fitted at front and
Motor duty rating S4 motor service (intermittent service on start-up) to IEC 34-1
S4 – 30% for On/Off operation – up to 360 starts per hour
S4 – 30% for Inching/Positioning – up to 360 starts per hour
S4 – 50% for Modulating class III – up to 1,200 starts per hour
MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Manual override Hydraulic Handpump
Vibration Resistance 1g (9.8 m/s²) at 10-500 Hz
(Contact our marketing dept. for higher vibration levels)
Lubrication Actuators are lubricated for product lifetime and do not
require any specific periodic maintenance
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply The actuators can operate on a wide variety of power supplies:
Single-phase: 110, 120 & 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Three-phase: 380, 400, 415, 440, 480, 575, 690 V – 50/60 Hz
DC: 24V
Voltage tolerance: ±10%; Applies for rated torque
performance; duty cycle and speed is not guaranteed
Frequency tolerance: ±5%; Applies for rated torque
performance; duty cycle and speed is not guaranteed
Maximum starting volt drop: -15%; Actuators capable of
starting and running up to speed
Cable Entries Standard configuration:
power & signal : 1”1/2 NPT + 2×1”NPT
fieldbus : up to 4×3/4”NPT
Other configurations available on request: plugs, adaptors, ISO thread
Electrical connection Ring tongue terminals
Internal and external ground rod
Fuse protection Primary fuse (6.3 x 32mm – 0.5 A) located on the transformer board
Two automatic fuses for low voltages
POSITION AND PRESSURE SENSORS Position C ontactless sensor
Potentiometer (op tional)
Pressure Pressure measured by piezoresistive pressure sensors based on ceramic
CONTROLS Power circuit Integral motor reversing starters (electromagnetic contactors
for On-Off, Inching/Positioning, Modulating Class III)
Display Back-lit graphics display with a choice of 9 different languages
On-off remote Control (Hardwired Control) Command by
voltage: 10 to 250 V DC/AC (current: 10 mA at 24V)
dry contact (use Controller auxiliary 24 VDC supply) Isolated by opto-couplers
Minimum pulse duration: 100ms
Signaling relays 4 relays: each information can be freely selected
Contact configuration : normally open or normally closed
Minimum current 10mA at 5V
Maximum current 5A at 250V AC or 5A at 30VDC (resistive load)
Additional 3 relays board on option
Fault relay Normally closed & energized SPDT contact
Minimum current 10mA at 5V
Maximum current 5A at 250V AC or 5A at 30V DC (resistive load)
Analogue Control Input (setpoint) and output (feedback) signals are fully isolated from each other
Signal configurations (selectable):
Input signal: 4-20 mA – output signal: 4-20mA
Input signal: 0-20 mA – output signal: 0-20mA
Input signal: 0-10 V – output signal: 0-20mA (0-10V with an external resistance)
Analogue inputs:
in current: impedance of 160 Ohms
in voltage: impedance of 11 KOhms
Analogue outputs:
in current: maximum acceptable load of 750 Ohms at 24 VDC supply
In voltage: minimum acceptable load of 50 KOhms (with a shunt resistance of 500 Ohms)
Transmitter (option) Proportional position (0/4-20 mA) and Pressure (4-20 mA) feedback board
Limit Switches 4 Mechanical Limit Switch (SPDT): 120/230 VAC or 30 VDC
Proximity Limit Switch NO/NC (Optional): 5-60 VDC
Signaling continuity (option) Allows to use the display and update the open and closed position information (through the signaling relays
or Profibus DP) in case of lack of power supply
Fire protection (option) 30 minutes at 1,000°C
Tested to UL 1709 criteria
SETTINGS Settings Non-Intrusive. All actuator settings and parameters are stored
in a non-volatile EEPROM memory. Protection
by password. Can be done by local command, infrared link or
optional bluetooth link (For a good safety level,
bluetooth link is limited at 10m)
Local selectors The Controller can be fully set via its local display and selectors
Does not require any specific setting tool
INTELLI+ KIT (option) INTELLI+ SOFT CD-ROM for laptop PC
Infrared module to connect to the laptop (USB) and clip on the actuator window
From update 3.00, INTELLI+ SOFT is also able to manage bluetooth link with advanced torque recordings
INTELLI+ Pocket (option) Industrial pocket PC (PDA)
Protection: IP65 (option: ATEX II2G EEx ia IICT4)
Shock resistance: 1.2 m (on concrete)
– with INTELLI+ : Infrared link (40 cm maximum distance)
– with PC: bluetooth, IRDA, Wifi (802.11b) as a standard
Optional USB station.
Operating system: Windows Mobile 2005, 64Mb RAM + 256Mb storage card
Baud rate: 9.6 kbit/s up to 1.5 Mbit/s (autodetection)
Communication protocol: PROFIBUS DPV1 slave-cyclic & acyclic
Type of connection: single line (standard) or redundant line (option)
Cable specification: Profibus certified cable only
Line connection without repeater
Actuators per line: 31 max
Line length: 1.2 km max. (0.75 mi)
Line connection with repeaters
Number of repeaters per line: 9 max
30 actuators and 1 Km max. per segment
Number of actuators per line with repeater: 124 maximum
Line length with 9 repeaters: 10.2 km max. (6.2 mi)
Scan speed (30 units & 1.2 km): 0.1s (at a baud rate of 93.75 Kbit/s)
Power supply: internal and isolated via INTELLI+®.
Optional signaling battery or 24VDC external backup supply
update the open and closed position information in case of
loss of power supply
Technical approval: operability approved by PNO (Profibus
Nutzer Organisation)
Transmission medium: 1 shielded pair cable
Functions: Half Duplex, asynchronous mode, multidrop
Baud rate: 1.2k to 115 Kbit/s
Format: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Communication protocol: Modbus (slave)
Modbus address: configurable by the actuator menu
Foundation Fieldbus (option) H1 speed = 31.25kBit/s
Fully compliant with fieldbus standard IEC 61158
Physical layer: IEC 61158-2, 2 wires communication
Current consumption: 20mA
Operating voltage: 9 to 32 VDC
Cable specification: Type A (for example: 3076F Belden)
Line connection
Actuators per line without repeater: 31 max.
Line length without repeater: 1.9 km max. (1.2 mi)
Number of repeaters per line: 4 max.
Maximum number of actuators and line length depends on consumption available
Technical approval: Foundation tested. Several DCS manufacturer operability checked.
Hart (option) Interface: HART, 4-20mA current, FSK modulation
Transfer speed: 1.2 kbit/s
Protocol: HART 7.4
Impedance: 250 Ohms
Power consumption: Internal by Intelli+ transformer, External
power supply for 4-20mA loop only
Actuator configuration: Available through EDD file
Connection line: Point-to-Point or Multi-drop
Technical approval: approved by Hart Communication Foundation

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