5 Way Solenoid Valve

Rotex offers varieties of 5 way solenoid valves like 5/2 way solenoid as well as 5/3 way solenoid valves

5/2 way solenoid valve has 5 ports and 2 states. 5/2 way solenoid valve comes as both monostable or bistable.

In monostable, 5/2 solenoid valve comes with a single-coil and has a spring or pilot. Whenever the valve is de-energized, the valve returns to its starting position.

In bistable, 5/2 solenoid valve comes with dual coil and it does not have return facility. In order for the valve to return to the start position, the second coil has to be energized.

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Specification of 5 way Solenoid valve (5 Port Solenoid Valve)

  • Pressure range up to 70 bar
  • Temperature: -20 °C to 80 °C
  • Orifice: 6 mm to 50mm
  • Mounting – Any position.
  • Life: Above 10 million cycles.
  • Body: Anodized Aluminium, Brass, SS316.
  • Seal: NBR, Viton, EPDM, PTFE.

Features of 5 way Solenoid valve(5 Port Solenoid Valve)

  • 5 way 3 ports solenoid valve has 2 coils. It allows compressed air to flow to one port of a double-acting air actuator while simultaneously allowing air to exhaust from the other port on the same air actuator at the same time.
  • 5 way solenoid valve with a Namur configuration comes with a special flange for direct mounting
  • Both 5 way 2 port solenoid valve and 5 way 3 port solenoid valve comes are used as directional control valves
  • 5 way with 2 port solenoid valve and 5 way with 3 port solenoid valve are majorly used to power double-acting air actuators be it air cylinders, rotary actuators.

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Why should you choose Rotex for 5 way Solenoid valve?

  • Quick Delivery
    • 1-2 weeks for Catalogue solenoid valve
    • 1-2 months for customizing solenoid valve
  • Interchangeable coils
    • Reduce inventory for OEM
    • Easy to manage spare for end-users
  • International approved
    Global approvals from Adnoc, Enoc, Petrobras, Petronas, KNPC, Edison, ENI S.P.A , Sonatrach, Qatar Petroleum, PTT, Saline water conversion corporation Lukoil Gazprom etc
  • 11+ International Product Certification
    Certified by SIL3, Atex, UL, Inmetro, IECEX, KOSHA etc.

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